Easy and Simple Way of Homemade Waist Cincher

You may use waist Cinchers to reshape your figure, to make you look slimmer, attractive, younger, and glamorous. You may find many commercial brands in this option. There are some Cinchers which use uncomfortable boning to reshape your size. So, ensure those waist cincher which are made of leather, decorative fabrics or brocade that permits you to wear under or over your cloth as a decorative style. If the leather or fabric of your waist cincher is more rigid, it can reduce your waist easily.

home made waist cincher

Most of the women want to shrink the size of their waist easily. Some of them start exercises like sit-ups to define their waist. Some choose to wear waist Cinchers for faster result. Waist cincher wrap tightly around the waist to cinch it into a normal size. You may find different types of waist Cinchers depending sizes, closure, fabrics, and, colors and others. Among them the DYI custom-designed waist cincher is very simple for you if you like to access to a sewing machine. Do you have the idea of the homemade waist cincher?

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Things You’ll Need

  • Leather
  • Scissors
  • Loop and hook tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Measurement tape
  • Tailoring chalk
  • Leather cording
  • Latex fabric (Elastic)
  • Sewing machine
  • Seeger (optional)
  • Metal or wood flat piece (optional)
  • Fabric punch with grommets (If leather not found)
  • Hammer (optional)

Instructions of Homemade Waist Cincher

No-Sew Leather Waist Cincher

  • Take the perfect measurement of your waist. Then, take a piece of leather and make it 4 inches smaller than the perfect measurement of your waist and 5 inches wide by using the tailoring chalk. Then, cut it out.
  • Use fabric punch or leather to make six holes in the finishing part of the leather 1/2 inch from the side edges. Now, start your holes 3/4 inch apart from the top edge and 1/4 inch down.
  • Place a grommet from the front side in the leather (into a hole) and with the grommet tool (clamp down) on the fabric punch.
  • Use leather cording (24 inches) in the Cincher to lace through the different holes, starting with the top holes of the waist cincher (on each side). Pull tightly while crisscrossing the laces and between the holes (each pair). You can pull the sides of waist Cincher when you work with the holes on the bottom. At the bottom edge, tie the cords of the waist cincher together in a double knot for a superior durability.

Elastic Latex Cincher

  • First of all, you have to measure your waist. According to your waist measurement, cut 2 inches smaller than the waist measurement of heavy elastic latex with a width of 5 inches.
  • You can begin from one end (two inches) of the fabric and 1 inch from the bottom and 1 inch from the top to make it into 3 inch wide tabs. Cut a piece of hook (2.75-inch) and pin the hook side inside (1/4 inch) of the wrong side loop tape at your tab end. You can sew the tape to your tab.
  • Stitch all the four sides (over-lock stitch) of your waist Cincher with a handy sewing machine.
  • You can now firmly grasp the tab end placing the Cincher around your waist and try to stretch the cincher over the other side. Mark the tailor’s chalk to the end of the tab where overlaps each side.
  • Center the hook (loop side) and on the right side (loop tape) of the waist cincher. Pin into place next to your chalk mark. You can now double stitch (down on all four sides) the tape.
  • Wrap the waist cincher and lace the ribbon around your waist. It’s nothing but like the lace of your shoe. To cinch in the waist, pull the ribbon firmly. To complete your waist cincher (tie the ribbon into a complete bow). 

Tips & Warnings of Homemade Waist Cincher

  • Correct measurements are very important, so make sure that you are measuring the patterns several times before cutting them.
  • The waist cincher should not be loose and must fit well.
  • To create a tight-fitting and nice waist cincher, stretchy fabric works better. Try to use ribbon and flesh-colored fabric to make your waist cincher.
  • Washing machine may not be suitable for waist cincher. If it becomes soiled or dirty, gently spot clean it.

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